Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 144

Oh boy things have went down hill pretty quickly. I had all day Friday off and so did my mother. While I was getting ready for the gym my mom received a phone call from the County about her taking in more foster children. I assumed that since we already had one foster child we would be fine but when I came home from the gym I was told that we were going to add a two year old and a one month old to our happy foster family. I have nothing against foster care as a system but by everything that is holy while I am typing this the baby has been crying for over 45 minutes straight and I have to run to the garage to be able to hear myself think. To top everything off I walked in from work today and my sister and mother are watching an all day marathon of America's Next Top Model. I can't wait to try and watch the Super Bowl tomorrow with a house filled with screaming kids. Unholy fucker of mothers I'm going to the garage.


  1. Yo forget the Super Bowl; i don't think i'ma be able to find reliable enough internet this weekend to stream events and thus i expect a dissertation on the phenomenology and cultural impact of Gerald Wallace's various all-star weekend performances from this very blog. Don't let me down Tyler.

  2. Haha I just found out he will be in the dunk competition. I will update you with the juicy details.

  3. oh also

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