Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 146

It has been a pretty busy week. In order to cover everything properly I am going to itemize the things that have happened in the last week and a half.

Statutory Rape
I am currently working with a bunch of seventeen and sixteen year old girls at the theater. Last Thursday night two 20 year old guys came in two hours early to buy there tickets to see Book of Eli. After they bought the tickets they walked into the theater to use the bathroom and on their way out of the theater one of the guys stopped at the concession stand and started hitting on my concessionist. After about a minute he left and the girl quickly ran into the box office to tell me that kid had asked her out to watch Book of Eli with him and his friend after her shift. I thought it was a pretty classy move to ask a girl out on a date to somewhere she works but that is besides the point. This particular girl was sixteen years old and pretty freaked out because after she turned the guy down he said he would come back and ask her again later. After I calmed her down and got her to go behind the stand I was informed by a nice old man that my car had a flat tire. At this point I am in a pretty lousy mood so when these two yahoos come in an hour later and start walking to the concession stand I tell them to meet me outside to talk about something for a minute. I took them both outside and started ripping into them telling them that the girls inside work for me and that its tough for them to do there job if they are worried about creepy assholes hitting on them. The one guy started to shake and the other guy was just looking at me blankly so after I was done I told them that they were to go straight into their movie and that if I saw them outside of their movie before it was over I was going to kick them out and call the cops. They both apologized and ran into the theater without so much as looking at the girls. That made having a flat tire in -20 weather much more bearable.

New Roomate
So we now have a foster child in our home again. In the past when my parents had foster children we were in a much bigger house with two spare bedrooms so it wasn't that inconvenient for the rest of the family. Since then my parents have moved into a new house that is much smaller than their last home. now that we have a foster child I have been kicked out of my room and am now being forced to share a room with my sister. My sister is sleeping on a futon and I am sleeping in her bed. So if living at home with my family isn't complicated enough I now have no place to really escape them all. My fortress of solitude or bat cave or whatever nerdy reference works best has been taken from me. If I want a moment to myself I now need to go to the garage to what my father has dubbed "The Man Cave". It is a nice enough space but as soon as I go out there my family starts to worry because I don't want to stay inside with them and the new foster kid. Other than the rooming debacle this little girl is incredibly talkative. She is eleven so the asking a million question routine gets pretty old pretty fast. The other day I had made a glorious bean dip for myself and was sitting on the couch enjoying it when this girl sits on the couch next to me. She then begins to stare at what I'm eating and making faces. She then apparently decides she doesn't have a good enough angle on what I am eating so she starts leaning closer to me to get a better vantage point on my bean dip. I may be in the minority here but this weirded my out to no end. Having someone just starring at your food while your trying to eat is just something I guess I can't handle so I had to go upstairs and eat by the balcony and watch TV through the bars.

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