Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 158

I just got my Rochester Police Results back and I got a 90. I guess I am in the top percentile of the applicants who took the exam. I am very excited about this but since I am in the top percentile I am going to be in the first wave of people taking the physical agility exam. I was expecting this to be in late March early April but instead it is going to be on February 13th. This obviously throws my entire workout time line off so I need to figure something out pretty quick or else I am going to fail this exam which would suck. If I do pass the exam I get pulled aside to conduct an interview with a background agent who will comb over my entire life with a fine tooth comb which is also a little nerve racking. That is enough complaining over something completely sweet.

So while I was working last night at the theater I had a family come in with what appeared to be a mother, father, grandfather and a child about age six. They came in the looked at the movie times for a little while and then they started talking to the little boy about what movie he wanted to see. Apparently the little boy wanted to see Alvin and the Chipmunks but the film had started about 30 minutes before they had gotten there. The family tried to explain this to the little boy and told him they could come back and see the next showing of the film which would give the little boy plenty of time to play video games but he wanted nothing to do with this. He opened the door to the theater and ran into the lobby and demanded his parents by him Airheads and Skittles. After they bought them for him he then demanded they go and watch the showing of Alvin and the Chipmunks that was already playing. The parents caved in after the child threatened to throw a fit and bought tickets for the movie that was already playing. I was shocked at how this child was running his entire family so easily but not three hours later a 13 year old girl came in with her parents to watch Lovely Bones which had started 52 minutes before they had arrived and when the parents objected to watching the movie since it had already started she looked at them and told them that is the movie she wanted to see and then proceeded to walk into the theater leaving her parents to pay for the film. If that were me I would have gotten a quick slap to the back of the head and told I was going to watch whatever my parents wanted and if I didn't like it I could wait in the car. Basically if I don't get out of this theater before too long I am going to feel like and old man telling kids in the lobby that in my day...