Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 161

I have a feeling that this new job is going to drive me nuts if I stay there too long. I just found out that all the girls that work at the theater are in high school so you can imagine there is a lot of drama going on. A couple of the girls think I'm cute and whenever I talk to them they get all giggly. I have also found out that one of the managers nick used to date the theater owners daughter until she broke up with him for her ex boyfriend. now she wants him back so she hangs out at the theater and makes sure nick can't even look at another girl without her knowledge. Last night she started to cry because she thought Nick was flirting with one of the 17 year old concessionists even though he is 23. She then told him he was leaving but instead of leaving she sat in the parking lot and watched him for twenty minutes to make sure he was not flirting with the girls. just when I thought it wasn't going to get any better she was supposed to give him a ride home but she never showed up so I had to give him a ride to his house. This place is awesome.

I went to Buffalo on Sunday and I must it did me good to see everyone for a little while. It was tough to come back to Potsdam after such a nice weekend even the moments where I was puking were better than in Potsdam. I can't wait until I can come back permanently.

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