Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 166 French Club Rummage Sale!!!

So today was the annual Potsdam French Club Rummage sale. This a sale where the Potsdam high School students who are going to France bring in all of their junk and put it all in the cafeteria. This event is a staple of the Potsdam experience and I have long felt that this rummage sale allows you to see what people are really all about. Every year I show up early at the high school with Tim so we can scope out the best swag and talk with the other regulars who show up early. After about an hour one of the French Club workers came up to tell us we could wait in the lobby since at this point it was getting pretty cramped where we were standing. When we all went to move into designated area this dumb bitch who had been waiting for about three fucking minutes decided she could cut in front of everyone. After jumping over a couple of boxes and running down the hall I assured that I got a place at the front of the line and when I looked to my left I noticed this she-bitch was standing next to me. We stood in front of the cafeteria door for about ten minutes and the whole time she was trying to figure out a way to cut me off before the doors opened. When the doors finally opened to allow everyone into the sale this harpy decided to try and use a box to push me out of the way to cut off everyone else in line so I decided enough was enough. When she hit me in the back with the box for the second time I gave the box a quick elbow to shove her and her decrepit friends into the wall so the mob could deal with them. Everything is fair in love, war and rummage sales.


  1. You'd better get that out of your system before you finish your police training...otherwise you could accidently kill someone and go to prison like in ConAir!

  2. If only because then I could meet John Cusak.