Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 170

Yesterday was a day of firsts for me. I started my gym life off with Galen yesterday by going to the gym at SUNY Potsdam. Since I am just starting out I was hoping I could go to the gym without having too be embarrassed by how little I am lifting compared to the guy next to me. Well I guess I had expectations too high as the guy next to me had a bicep that was seriously bigger than my leg. I have decided that this is something I can't avoid since the guys who look like they have bigger muscles in their neck than I do in my whole body probably spend the whole day at the gym. I'm still really stoked about acheiving my New Years goal of gaining 20 lbs of muscle so I can look like Arnold when I go for my police physical fitness exam.(I thought this would be reasonable)

The other big first I had was yesterday was the first day of my job managing the new theater. Everyone should be aware that by "new" I mean it is new for me to work at this paticular theater. The theater itself has been run to shit. As I was getting the extended tour I believe I uttered the phrases "No Way" "Your kidding me" and "Isn't that a fire hazard?" more times than I can remember. The place has a lot of potential but through a combination of the poor building layout and poor management it was run into the ground. Here are a few of the issues I was shown:

Sewage pipe access is in the middle of a theater so if the chinesse restaurant dumps grease down the drains it comes out in a theater.

A live wire hanging from the booth ceiling connected to nothing.

Old staff spent no time cleaning but instead put up all the movie posters they received on the walls in the projection booth. Many are held up with heavy screws.

There are so many little things that are not right about this place but those are the ones that just made me laugh when I was shown them. I am really excited about working at this place because I feel after i get the hang of the new projectors I will be able to do whatever the hell I want to improve the place.

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